This coaching call covers best practices for using Google Analytics, including:

- How to setup and install Google Webmaster Console
- How to identify errors
- How to determine your highest performing search queries
- How to optimize your site for visibility
- How to identify your strongest referral sources
- ...and so much more!

You can view the presentation slides here:


The Montessori Marketing Method is a marketing methodology developed by veteran Montessorian Matt Hillis. This proven model is composed of the same principles, strategies, tactics, and tools that Mr. Hillis used to grow his Sacramento based Montessori school to 4 locations and nearly 500 students.

If you are struggling with marketing your Montessori school and don't know where to start, you are in the right place! Follow along as Matt walks through each phase of the Montessori Marketing Method in these sequential one-hour lessons. Follow along for FREE by signing up as a member at:

These coaching calls are recorded live every Thursday at 10:30am (PST) and include a Q&A session with our members.

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